How Your Phone System Can Help Drive Revenue


Businesses are always looking for ways and methods to ensure that they are more productive everyday. Increased productivity means better growth potential for a business and increased growth offers greater profitability which is the end goal of any business. Companies normally overlook the business phone system capabilities in their quest for greater profitability. After all, how does a phone system increase profitability?  The benefits are much more than one would expect. Read about the Benefits of Unified Communications.


What is a Cloud Phone System?


Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP utilizes the Internet to deliver communication such as voice in contrast to a conventional cellular phone service which depends on their own proprietary network to function or a simplistic wired telephone system. VOIP offers customers a simple way to communicate using their integrated data network instead of different networks to perform a variety of business functions. To learn more about telecommunication, you can visit


 What are the Benefits of VOIP


 Aside from increased productivity, a properly implemented Veracity Networks system can help businesses save in direct costs.


1. Save on direct costs: Companies can save more money directly through the use of a VOIP phone system.


-Businesses enjoy reduced startup costs since a VOIP phone system requires inexpensive and minimal equipment.


-Companies can enjoy reduced maintenance costs since all complicated infrastructure maintenance is remotely done by the service provider.


-Given that communication will be transmitted over a broadband network, companies will see a dramatic reduction in monthly expenses.


2. An improvement in worker productivity may be observed by switching to a VOIP phone system.


-By integrating all communication methods in a single network, such as e-mail, messaging and voicemail, workers will be able to perform more tasks in less time.


-Employees who have access to the Internet benefit greatly from having the ability to call, e-mail and text using one gadget.


-Cloud phone service users enjoy improved flexibility by being able to make system adjustments without the need for IT support.


 Is It Time To Switch?


Realizing the valuable tangible benefits of a cloud phone system, many companies are moving from conventional phone systems to VOIP.  It may be time for your business to switch to a data network utilizing VOIP.



Switching to a cloud phone business system or VOIP will generate more productivity and profitability for the company. A cloud phone system is being used by modern businesses to empower the company's mobile workforce therefore maximizing productivity and profitability.